Dropbox-like sync for your company's file server!

CmisSync allows you to keep in sync with your company's file server, and read/edit the documents even when offline:

CmisSync: Synchronize between your company's file server and your computer

Need to read a report in the plane?
Need to check the price list while in your client's no-network meeting room?
No problem, the latest files are on your laptop already.

As a bonus, documents open faster, no network latency.
It is like Dropbox for Enterprise Content Management!

Why not just use Dropbox?

→Download← (Available for Windows/Mac/Linux)



CmisSync tray icon menu Syncing a CMIS folder Selecting which CMIS folder to synchronize


CmisSync works with any CMIS-compliant server, but we created tutorials for the most popular ones:

CmisSync is Open Source, get involved!

CmisSync is Open Source software and licensed under the GNU-GPLv3. You are welcome to change and redistribute it, see the license for details.

CmisSync is mostly developed by Aegif, but all contributions are welcome!

Everybody can help:
Testers: Install the latest CmisSync beta and report bugs,
Developers: Get the source and choose from the issue tracker, thanks a lot!
Anyone: Translate CmisSync into your language.

About CMIS

CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) is an OASIS standard that allows any ECM client to communicate with any ECM repository (a bit like the HTML standard allows all web browsers to communicate with all web servers). CMIS is backed by all major content management vendors, and is supported by the following ECM servers: Alfresco, OpenText Documentum, IBM FileNet, IBM Lotus, eXo Platform, Interwoven, KnowledgeTree, Magnolia, Microsoft SharePoint, NemakiWare, Nuxeo, OpenText and many others.